Meet the Superstar XLG: The Next Generation of adidas Originals

The adidas Superstar is a timeless sneaker that has been a part of contemporary culture for over five decades. Since its debut in 1969, it has been a platform for creative figures who challenge the status quo and shape the future. However now, the Trefoil brand introduces a new version of the classic sneaker that reflects the changing needs and preferences of the next generation of game changers. As a result, the Superstar XLG is a bold and innovative sneaker that allows you to express yourself and break free from stylistic conventions.

What’s New About the Superstar XLG?

The Superstar XLG retains the essence of the original sneaker but updates it with a modern twist. It features a leather upper as well as an EVA sockliner, and an elevated platform outsole. Additionally, there is a redesigned shell toe that gives it a high-rise look. Therefore, the Superstar XLG is a versatile sneaker that can adapt to any style and occasion.

In order to showcase the Superstar XLG, adidas Originals has launched a dynamic campaign that explores different contemporary subcultures and aesthetics. As shown above, the campaign consists of short films directed by Maria Sosa Betancor, stills captured by Javier Ruiz, and styling from Ahida Agirre. The campaign follows a group of creative figures who use the Superstar XLG as their tool for optimistic self-expression and personal style.

Where to Get the Superstar XLG?

The adidas Originals Superstar XLG is a sneaker that celebrates the legacy of the Superstar and reimagines it for the future. It will be available globally on July 17th on and selected retail stores.

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Meet the Superstar XLG: The Next Generation of adidas Originals

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