The unique, avant-garde design of the mule-cut Converse Sponge Crater delivers a fresh shape and proportion to Converse’s design language. “It is both an exploration and exaggeration of Crater Foam as a comfort material and a study in reducing complexity.
It is made of only a few components, most notably our first full cage structure crafted from Crater Foam, which speaks to the silhouette’s design and also plays a part in helping ensure comfort,”
says Matt Sleep, Design Director, Energy at Converse

A CX Foam underfoot and flat-knit upper are nestled within the Crater Foam body structure. Both contribute to the shoe’s overall comfort and drive its “less-is-more” aesthetic. 

The Sponge Crater launches this week through a limited edition with A-COLD-WALL*“Our relationship is all about pushing boundaries. A-COLD-WALL* founder Samuel Ross has brought many things to our collaboration, but none more important than his way of seeing and understanding the symbiotic nature of the form and ‘feel’ of a product,” says Sleep. 

The Converse x A-COLD-WALL* Sponge Crater will be available June 23 on and, and at select retailers. The inline Converse Sponge Crater release later this year.

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