adidas Originals remakes its most iconic sneakers to address the concern of our generation – plastic waste. adidas Originals serves up Clean Classics, a range of court classics, redesigned to reduce the brand’s impact on the environment. At the core of this pledge is Primegreen; a series of high-performance materials containing a minimum of 50% recycled content.

Primegreen and the Clean Classics collection act to challenge production conventions, using 70% recycled materials for the uppers, as well as renewable and reclaimed rubber for the soles. The resulting sneakers are vegan, in an effort to reduce our use of virgin materials and our impact on the environment. By re-thinking pattern cutting, the Clean Classics collection not only reduces unnecessary waste, but also creates distinctive, new cuts and details.

Clean Classics includes the SuperstarStan SmithContinental 80Top Ten, SC Premiere, Supercourt, and Superstar Bold, all of which are remade for 2020. adidas Originals’ Clean Classics pays homage to the brand’s heritage creating white leather sports shoes, with a new pledge of responsibility that shows adidas’ commitment to ending plastic waste. The truth is that these shoes alone will not save the planet – a claim which appears in the design language of the collection, via stylistic handwriting – however Clean Classics remains a commitment to continuous innovation in the field of sustainability.

Special Clean Classics emblems can be found throughout, as a reminder of the brand’s commitment. The composite nature of the sole creates a bricolage effect of color flecks throughout. Leaving the clean white upper’s mostly unadorned, pops of color can be found on the laces and stylistic text.

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