Released in 1987, British horror film Hellraiser is based on a short novel by Clive Barker. The story follows Frank Cotton, who seeks to access a realm of carnal pleasures by solving a mysterious puzzle box. Instead, the puzzle summons sadomasochistic creatures called Cenobites, and their leader, Pinhead. Upon its release, Hellraiser broke the era’s slasher mold with a unique blend of gore and eroticism. It’s since expanded into a ten-film franchise, while Pinhead has become an enduring icon of Hellraiser.

This Spring, Supreme has worked on a collection featuring imagery from the Hellraiser series. The collection consists of a Trench Coat, BDU Shirt, Sweater, Football Jersey, Skate Pant, Mesh Short, two Hooded Sweatshirts, two Short Sleeve T-Shirts, Beanie, Keychain and a Skateboard.

Available Online  on April 26th.

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